I did something right

I just recently decided to be more helpful, share myself more and be of service wherever and however I can. That decision followed a bigger change in life, my move to Maui and adopting a new life style. I made a list of what I thought are my positive traits to make me more aware of what is God given to me to give away to those in need. I was talking to God last night and I asked him to give me a sign, just let me know whether I was really on the right track. This morning, my prayers were answered.

Carol works in an administrative office I frequently have to visit. I’ve met her a few times and immediately liked her. She seemed very positive, witty and had a smile on her face. I’d often exchange a few words with her, not just as pure curtesy, but because I genuinely liked her. I stepped by the office again today and Carol was there. “Oh hi!” – she happily exclaimed.
I was about to open my mouth and greet her, but she continued, “I love seeing you in here. You always look so relaxed. You remind me of what I used to be like, before I started working again. I took a break a few year ago and didn’t think I’d go back to work. Then I got a bit lonely and really thought I missed work. I was wrong. Look at me now?” She looked fine to me, but before I could put my thoughts into words Carol spoke again, “You know, I’ve been really thinking about my life lately, especially since I met you. You inspired me to think about things that really mattered. I think I’m going to make a big change in my life. Do you understand what I mean?” “I understand you completely Carol. Been there, done that”, I replied. “I knew you would! Thank you for doing this, you really inspired me.”
I told her I was glad to hear that and I hope to talk to her again soon. As I was walking out, she smiled at me and nodded. “Keep at it!”

The funniest thing about this is that I haven’t said anything special to Carol. I haven’t been acting out my spiritual teacher or personal coach aspect of me with her. I was just myself. That’s all. Isn’t that all we ever really have to be to make this work? How simple life actually is, when we are just and only who we are, instead of who we think we have to be.

I hope I got this one down.

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