Ger Lyons on Maui

I just had my first encounter with cellular transformation last week. What an amazing experience. I highly recommend it. I am not in any way affiliated with Gar Lyons or the organizers of this event. Simply though this was too good not to share.


We hope you can join us for an incredible gathering of exquisite, unique, and beautiful people from all over the world.

Coming together in a Sacred and loving space of Grace.Ger is a gifted healer, a brilliant channel, and an amazing guide.

His workshops are life-changing, heart-expanding experiences of transformation and awakening.

Just Come!!


Cellular Transformation

 This work combines the use of active living mystic prayer, together with ancient Celtic traditional healing transmissions, sound, music, exercises, invocations and healing incantations, all skillfully adapted and developed to align with modern life, in language that we can understand. 

 By clearing and purifying the core cellular memory, where trauma and programming is stored at its origins, we can release permanently the patterning, behaviors and old stagnant, deadened energy that no longer serves us. This affects every aspect and level of ourselves, breathing new life, energy, passion and creativity into the body.

 Every cell carries memory, which holds and stores impressions of everything we ever experience. This imprinting is like a complex matrix of mind sets, belief systems, ways of the world that we have been taught as children, and given from birth, from society, from our family experience, cultural conditioning, ancestors, etc.  All this programming may not be congruent with what our soul has come to experience, discover or explore. 

 Each individual person will begin to explore and continue to discover the true nature of what they have come here to experience. There are many exciting revelations and expanding experiences to have as this unique process of illumination runs through your body and your life.

 In a session with Ger we receive a very powerful transmission of high sacred healing energy. This comes from an ancient origin beyond mind, religion, or belief, from a source of creation, from the heart of God. Ger allows his body to be used for the energy to come through him and for the transformation and alchemy to take place. 

 As the energy melts into the body it starts to expose, release and dissolve anything that is not based on love, expansion and growth of consciousness. Old configurations, contractions and imprints of sickness and disease, old ways of thinking, old ways of being that we evolve past, quickly dismantle and release. 

 Often we can feel a deep tingling or shaking as the old traumas of our past experiences let go and our passion and soul expansion, and a profound feeling of being plugged into active vibrant life, pours powerfully back into the body. As we regain our health, the vitality in our body re-emerges as a vibrant shining or illumination through the skin.

The tiredness and deadness of the old memories that we carried in our cells rapidly and permanently becomes a thing of the past. The transmutation continues for days and sometimes months afterwards. The effects and benefits are permanent and last a lifetime!

 ~Workshop Details~ 

Friday, November 14th 7pm~10pm 

Saturday, November 15th 10am~6pm 

Sunday, November 16th 10am~6pm 


VENUE~ The Montessori School

2933 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao


Monday, November 17th 10am~6pm

Tuesday, November 18th 10am~6pm

Wednesday, November 19th 10am~6pm 

VENUE~ Private Residence in Olowalu

(near Olowalu General Store)

3-DAY  Nov. 14-16 $355/ Pre-Register by Nov. 1st $325

 Full 6-DAY Workshop Nov. 14-19 $685/Pre-Register by Nov. 1st $585

 * Individual day attendance available $155 per day,

with exception of friday evening November 14th which is $45.

Contact Dominique at:


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