A Blessing In Disguise


I’ve always admired people who had a clear vision of what their future career would be from an early age. I took a more winding road. Since I wasn’t one of those people, I’ve always tried to find out exactly how they managed to make such a grand decision so early in life.
I have a friend that was endowed with this gift. At the age of ten he made his career choice and had spent the next ten years of his life learning everything he needed to know about it. He became one of the leading professionals in his field. Forty years after he made his decision, he is still happily pursuing his path. For someone like me, that was absolutely amazing.

But, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t dissect every aspect of his personality, as if I was to extract from his mind that decisive part of human nature he posses, to be able to use it myself. I spent a lot of time in pure observation, taking mental notes. Poor chap had no idea. And so I started to put the pieces together.
My research showed that he was the kind of person that didn’t like change. Makes sense, I thought, that is how he managed to stay at it for so long. If he was like me and was craving constant change and/or challenge, he would have had to waiver from his path at least a little.
Next point was; he likes dealing solely with facts, no fiction allowed in his world. Oh my, that would not work for me either. Most of the time I couldn’t care less about the facts and tend to live in my little bubble…, get the picture?
My friend likes to collect things and not ever let them go. Shows constancy, I guess. Another trait I don’t posses, I keep letting go of things and really care solely about people in my life, although I have a tendency to let them go as well. Doesn’t mean I don’t care!
Last, but not least point of my ‘deep research’, showed I do have one thing needed; positive thinking. My friend has an amazing ability to see everything in a positive manner, stay calm and not get angry in challenging situations. If he does ever get angry, he’s good at hiding it or great at getting over things fast and letting go. Yup, I can do that!

So, there I set with this new understanding of what it takes to have a clear path in life, clearly showing I posses only one trait needed to obtain it. And then as always when we focus on something, it all became clear. I have only one of those traits, because I simply wasn’t meant to be a person that decides my career path at the age of ten. No, I was clearly always meant to do many different things in life, in many different parts of the world and not really have any constancy apart from an underlying theme that was always present in different forms: I was always artsy and creative.

To conclude: I still admire people with such clear vision of their career path, but I am very happy with the choice of mine.


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