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“Maui will take care of me!”

 I’m in love with the Pacific Ocean. I love everything about it. Even the sharks, though I would prefer not meet one in person. The ocean waters around Hawaii are very, very warm and teaming with life. I feel as if just putting my foot in this heavenly water connects me to life itself, the world, every other human being and even a deeper part of me. It feels alive in every drop; it is soothing, caressing, healing, but also wild, powerful and primordial and moody at times. It makes me feel healed and rejuvenated every time I go for a swim.

Sometimes when I swim a turtle pops up next to me, usually just to get some air, looks around and moves on. A few days ago one of those cute little creatures even hung out there with me for a moment, quite close to the shore. I decided it was a girl and called her Eloise. I think Eloise started to chat first, she looked at me and said: “Nice day for a swim!” Her voice sounded mature, even old, like an old soul, though my turtle friend Eloise, was a youngster, only in my opinion, off course. “Indeed”, I replied. “You are a very good swimmer,” I told her. “You’re doing ok,” Eloise said and I swear I thought I saw her wink. “So how are you today?”, I asked. “Busy, busy!”, she quickly replied and vanished in vastness of the dark blue waters of my paradise island. I haven’t met her since.

One day as I was getting out of the water and elderly lady come up to me and asked me: “Are you ok?” I’ve never even seen this woman before and her sudden interest in my wellbeing was a surprise to me, but I politely replied: “Yes, thank you.” Then I noticed she had a huge leaf of some sort wrapped around her left leg. “Did anything happen?”, I asked. “I just got stung by a huge jelly fish right where you were swimming!”, she said nervously. “I’m glad that thing didn’t get you. It stings like hell”. Then she removed the wet leaf and showed me a nasty red mark on her leg. It looked painful. “I heard vinegar helps”, she muttered, “but I usually don’t take vinegar to the beach with me. Maybe I should have! I’ve been swimming on this beach for six years now and I never had anything like this happen to me”, she continued. “When I first moved here I was scared of the ocean, but I learned to love it and enjoy it. My three sons and six grandchildren live here.” I detected a slight German accent, so I asked her: “Where are you from?” “Deutschland, Frankfurt!”, she said with a big smile. “I was just there a few weeks ago on my way over here,” I shared. “I don’t go home as often anymore. It takes too long. Plain travel is such a drag these days. I do have a lot of family back in Frankfurt. I will probably try to go there this Christmas.” As if talk of her homeland triggered some deep-rooted feelings of sadness, she suddenly stopped smiling and started to walk away from me, but waved at me and said: “I’m glad you are all right. Welcome to Maui. Maui will take care of you! Goodbye.” “Maui will take care of you!” Those words lingered in the air and in my mind for a long time and they still do from time to time. I needed to hear that. This unusual apparition in the form of an old German lady carried a message from a faraway place out of space and time, to comfort me and let me know that everything will be all right. “Maui will take care of me!”



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