How many times has someone cut the line in a supermarket when you were in a hurry? You thought: ” Hey, that’s not fair. I’ve been waiting here for a long time…” How many times has a person you admired, liked some else with, in your opinion, lesser qualities? “That’s not fair. I’m far better…” How many times has someone else got the job you were hoping for and you thought: “Hey, that’s not fair. I have so much more experience…” How many times has someone else won the jackpot and you were so mad: “That’s not fair. I could really use that money…” Many times and many times over, life didn’t seem so fair to us. It seems that there is always someone else, less deserving, that benefits from life’s whims and we suffer, because, oh well, life just isn’t fair. But is it really so, or are we not looking further then the tips of our noses?

Let’s examine that, let’s take a more scientific approach. We live in vast, immense universe, that apparently spread out from one tiny dot somewhere in its center, about 13.8 billion years ago in Earth counting. According to science the latest data indicates that all stars, planets and galaxies, including us, make up just 4% of that vast universe. The other 96% is made of stuff scientist can’t see, detect or even comprehend. So if everything that is currently visible to us, was compressed in the center of the universe, in one tiny spec of ‘whatever that was’, than everything there was, is or ever will be, was once all ‘one’, including us. That ‘one’ of ‘whatever that was’, one fine day in the universe, experienced a ‘big bang’, started to spread out, and is still spreading.  It was ‘one’ then, it is ‘one’ now as well, and it will always be ‘one’, just a little more spread out. That is very important to keep in mind, because that’s how life plays its game. It looks at a whole picture and makes decisions that are best for the ‘one’, which includes all the galaxies, systems, planets and human beings, thus whatever life’s choices were, are and will be, in the end benefits all of us, although we might not perceive it as such.

Remember the person that cut the line in the supermarket? What if that person you got so mad at, saved your life, because if you pulled out of the supermarket parking lot 5 minutes earlier, you’d end up in an accident? What if that person you liked so much would have made your life a living hell? What if the next job in line ended up being far better for you? What if you did win the lottery, bought that small Cessna you always wanted and crashed a month later? Those are just very, very simplified examples, life is more complex and interwoven than that. So maybe life is fair, but we just can’t see it. We are not the ones looking out for the good of the whole, we are too burdened with our own feelings and we care only for what we think would make us feel better. Since we can’t see, feel or touch that bigger picture it really means nothing to us, and this kind of reasoning rarely even interest us.

The source created us in its image and has given us a powerful tool for life. The image we were created from was love and the tool we were given was free will. Somehow, somewhere the image got distorted and the tool misused.  What if for just one single day, humanity decided to change its ways and acted for the benefit of the whole instead of personal or corporate gain? Would we even know how to do it? Could we even remember what that looked like? If we did, for just one day, just one day, can you imagine how wonderful that day would be?

And lastly I ask you: is life really unfair or is it us that have forgotten something?

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