Always Choose A Miracle

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Every Sunday my son and I take little trips. It feels as if by doing that we are completing a cycle and getting ready for a new one. Last Sunday we decided to drive to the Haleakala National Park to visit the volcano crater. It last erupted in the late 1700’s, possibly 1790 and at least five times in the last 1000 years. It is one of the biggest dormant volcanoes in the world with various vents. I always thought of a volcano as one big crater that erupts, but the truth is far from it. There are usually quite a few vents within the crater that erupt, not necessarily at the same time. That in itself was a big surprise.

Haleakala is situated 10000 ft. above sea level. Sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t really mean anything until one starts making the climb. At 2000 ft. the tropical vegetation of the coastal tropical paradise started slowly fading away and I couldn’t help noticing that suddenly the nature looked much greener than down by the ocean.  I was surprised to pass by the only lavender farm on the island.

At about 4000 ft.,  a stunning view of the island and the coastal area took my breath away, though my immediate surroundings looked more like Ireland. There were cows quietly lying around, chewing the grass and conversing with the ducks.

At 6000 ft. Ireland was slowly starting to turn into Swiss Alps. The air became thinner, fresher and cooler, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say I saw an edelweiss. It appeared to me that the commotion of our daily lives was left down at the bottom and now that we were almost in the clouds everything started to seem lighter and brighter.

At 8000 ft. we found ourselves above the clouds in a completely different dimension. A wave of stillness suddenly engulfed our souls, an unexpected peace and lightness of being not felt for a long time  settled in, it felt great. We were now above the world, above the mundane, above our worries and much, much closer to God.

As we approached the 10000 ft. mark, the scenery changed again and now we found ourselves out of this world, on Martian territory. Lava rocks and black sand combined with a stunning view of The Haleakala Observatory and The Maui Space Surveillance Site lifted us up once more to a much higher level of being. The air was so pure and light that it almost seemed healing, and gravity lessened its hold for lightness of being. And just when I thought that this was heaven and things couldn’t get better, we approached the edge of the crater and our magical voyage began. The breathtaking beauty of the crater was unbelievable. No picture can describe the primordial energy emanating from it. Although it seemed completely barren and alien, there was something familiar in it and it was calling us to come down and visit.

Down into the crater we went, drawn in by a magnetic force we couldn’t see, but could very well feel; as if an invisible hand was guiding us because it wanted us a certain place at a certain time. It took us about two hours to get down near the vents. Half way down we were the only visible humans in the crater. We watched the clouds forming right before our eyes all around us and a heavenly stillness engulfed our very beings. We stood there in the clouds, between two volcano vents, that last erupted 230 years ago, in complete peace that somehow steamed with life. The scene and the feeling reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Dave’s last words: “Oh, my God, it is full of stars!” It was indescribable and absolutely beyond words. We could actually feel life itself, right there in the scenery that looked like dead lands of an alien world.

It seemed hours have past and we both thought we should head back as it might start getting dark soon. My son pulled out his phone to check the time and was surprised to see that almost no time had passed. How can that be? We were there in the clouds of the living, breathing volcano for such a long time. “You must have led us into some kind of a wormhole again mom!”, my son noted. I have no explanation for what had happened to us down in the crater. It seemed as if time literally stopped, we stepped into a different reality and heaven came down to greet us.

When we started climbing back the clouds suddenly disappeared and the sun came out. The beauty of that place and that moment in time allowed my mind to rest and finally stop thinking. What a blessing! Whatever happened to us down there was out of this world. I felt tingles and had a light buzzing sound in my ears, the kind you normally hear when going deep into meditation. We both felt great, energized and happy.

When we started our descent back home, we were both shocked by the heaviness of the air and the density of the energy that we were driving toward. We  also both felt really tired now and could hardly keep our eyes open. My son slept a bit in the car. When he woke up, he looked at me and said: “You know this doesn’t happen to normal people, do you? I mean, they go up there, they think: ‘yeah, this is pretty’, and then they go back. But going there with you, turns out to be a mystical journey. I don’t know what just happened there, but I know it had to do with you. My alien mommy! Don’t ever change!”

I don’t really know what happened to us either. I think we both contributed to it, though we were just executing a universal, divine plan, set up a long time ago, way before we even thought of going there, before we even existed in space and time. It was an amazing and out of worldly experience and I am very grateful it had happened to us.

Life is really fascinating. There seems to be a miracle on every corner, but we must choose to see it.

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