Home At Last or My Ohana


Some nights I have nightmares; I dream I left Maui and went elsewhere, cold and too familiar. The first time it happened I cried my whole dream right through. I remember thinking: “I shouldn’t be crying this much in a dream”, but then I just continued. After this horrible nightmare happens and I wake up in my bed, here on Maui, with the view of the ocean, I feel so relieved and blessed. “I’m still here, thank you God!”

I used to love watching planes take off and imagining what my next destination to go to would be. Anywhere but where I was at the time, was better and more exciting. Not any more! I’m cured. Those that know me will vouch: that is a true miracle. My favorite beach near Kahului at The Baldwin Park is very close to the airport and sometimes when planes take off it seems as if I could touch them, if I just reached a little higher. I watch the plains take off from my cozy spot on the beach and think: “Bon voyage! I’m staying right here!” And then I chuckle, because it feels so good to be right here, right now for the first time in my life.

I passed the Hawaii drivers test today and had to have my picture taken for my new Hawaii driver license. Anywhere else, when I had my picture taken for a legal document; I had to be very serious, normally stand against a white background, sometimes even have my head tilted a bit, make sure there are no shades on my face and all sorts of other restrictions I can’t remember right now. On Hawaii, I stood against a light blue background (the usual color of Hawaiian sky) and the clerk said: “Smile!”

“Really, it’s OK to smile?”, I asked her incredulously.

“You have to smile!”, she answered.

“Wow, amazing, this is the only place that allows you to smile on a picture for a legal document!”, I had to explain my surprise to her.

“We want you to be happy!”

I thought to myself; off course I’m happy, I’m on Hawaii, but didn’t say that out loud as she was waiting for me to put up a smile. So I did that Mona Lisa kind of smile, you know, don’t what to over do it…

“No, no, no, big smile, very big smile! Show me how happy you are to be here!”, she ordered me. Oh that, there you go, I put up the biggest smile ever and it was as genuine as it could be, I am truly happy to be here.

“That was awesome, that’s a real Aloha smile”, she said happily.

“I know!”, I thought to myself, “This is the only place I know, where people really have something to smile about.”

I’m not sure what is it about this place that makes it so special for me. It’s probably a combination of many factors. I know a big part of the puzzle is the weather, I absolutely dislike anything below 70°F. I love the ocean, it’s wonderfully warm here and pleasant to swim in. The nature is astonishing everywhere I go. I love the ‘Aloha Spirit’, something like ‘true brotherhood of all men’. The food is great, Hawaii grown fruit is out of this world… And last but not least; many, many ions ago these island where the hilltops of a magnificent continent called Lemuria or Mu – my home away from Home, my ohana. Maybe it’s that cell memory and all those wonderful things I mentioned earlier that ignited the fire and caused a great shift in my consciousness: Home at last, Home at last, Thank God almighty I am Home at last.

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