Whales And Dolphins – Guardians Of Earth


I was in love with whales and dolphins my whole life. As a little girl I used to watch every documentary I could on TV about those incredible creatures. I was hoping to hear about their true nature and purpose here on this planet, but to this very day that has not occurred.

There has been some progress in the past 20 years; scientist have come to the conclusion that the sounds produced by whales and dolphins are actual songs. They are still studying these songs and are conducting experiments trying to determine what are the songs used for and why. They have so far only recorded male whale songs, due to their songs being emitted in human hearing spectrum or most of the songs anyway. They thus concluded only males sing, while females aren’t naturally endowed with this talent. They further concluded that these songs are probably a kind of social interaction tool between a certain group of whales. Apparently a single male starts singing and can later be accompanied by a great number of his friends from the surrounding areas. For a number of years they have suspected that male whales sing to seduce the females, but have recently come to a conclusion that whales use songs for a number of things; such as for example, that the songs help them navigate new locales.

I am not a scientist. I do not use scientific methods, measurements or study my subjects. Very contrary to that, I have been blessed by directs downloads of information from the source, at its terms and designated times, seemingly apart from my wishes or desires.

One such download happened about 20 years ago and had to do with whales and dolphins. I have been informed that whales are the Guardians of Earth. Different types of whales perform a different task within their bigger assignment, but all work together to achieve the goal. Dolphins are their happy assistants and ambassadors, as they seem to be able to form an easier connection with humans, probably due to smaller sizes. Both whales and dolphins have a channel toward our mutual source opened and accessible at any time.

Whales do intricately communicate, that is true, and their songs are partially used for this purpose. Though their song is a tool to a much greater and grander task.

Remember this: “In the beginning was a word…”? ‘Word’ could be interpreted as sound or frequency, that solidified and formed our visible universe. That word/sound/frequency expansion came from the source, expanded outward and is still expanding, it also went back into the source and is continuously going back only to expand further again and the cycle repeats over and over.

So to get back to whales. The whale song is supporting that ‘original’ frequency by continuously adding to it and maintaining balance. Each type of whale and smaller group of a particular type is performing a different function and working on a set task for their particular region. Thus a whale from Hawaii, does not respond to the song from the whale of Africa, and vice versa. While the male whales sing to maintain balance and actively co-create with the source, female whales perform their duty by emanating a very important substance for life. They do not sing, just because that is not their purpose. Female whales simply spread love. They emanate a strong force field that can not be measured by currently used scientific instruments, we are not yet in tuned enough to the frequency of pure unconditional love and thus have no way of detecting it. Love can not be measured, it just is (another obstacle for our scientists to detect it).

Their little dolphin friends are here for the simple fun of it. What good is Creation if the Creator isn’t enjoying it? Our little dolphin brothers are here to connect us with the source, with the energy of love and happiness to benefit us and the source. Together with the whales they serve as a buffer zone between the finely tuned universe and the dense energy of the human ego. We, humans, are made to the likeness of our creator as well, and possess the ability that many of us seldom use: to consciously co-create. Unfortunately, we are mostly only consciously co-inhabiting and unconsciously co-creating. That type of scattered, unbalanced, dense or even destructive energy is purified by our whale and dolphin friends and helpers and sent back out in its true and original form.

Without whales and dolphins this would be a pretty dull place to be. Our big, round blue sapphire of a planet depends on those wonderful creatures for balance, nurture, purification and happy co-creation. So next time your path crosses theirs; thank them, watch them, listen and learn. Those Masters or the deep blue seas know the secret to life and love. Maybe in time we will learn too.

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