Lemuria Rising

2014-11-28 15.15.14

It’s very interesting to talk to people who moved to Maui. There are a lot of us, from all over the world, as the table shows (below). It seems like we all heard a call. No one can explain exactly why or how we chose Maui, but we all ended up here and the moment our feet touched the ground we knew we were home. Our stories are very different, but we all have one thing in common: we simply had to come here.

About a month ago, someone had asked me what made me come here and I decided it was time to start telling a little more and answered: “These are the hilltops of Lemuria, my ancient home away from Home.” Ever since that moment, I’ve been very open about my Lemurian connection, my Lemurian roots. Interestingly every time I mention Lemuria to someone here, their faces lit up and they confirm this connection as they experienced it themselves.

I was on a seminar recently and was asked the same question again: “Why did you move to Maui?” The seminar was about to start, I thought I didn’t have enough time to properly answer, so I said: “It’s a long story and goes tens of thousands years back.” To my surprise my inquisitor replied: “I understand, we are getting Lemuria back, it is rising with us again.” The only thing left for me to say was: “Exactly.”

Lemuria was a vast continent inhabited by tall beings of cinnamon skin, dark skin and light skin. They were connected to the Source, nature, animals, the sky and one another in ways incomprehensible to humans today. They understood their place in this Creation, supported and respected the fine balance of the physical and the unseen to maintain it. They communicated to animals and nature, and used telepathy among themselves. They possessed advanced technology and they used it wisely, never letting the technology replace the connection to their Source and one another.

I met so many incredible people here, deeply spiritual, very creative, funny, positive, kind and caring. I finally know what it means to feel at home, regardless of whether I leave the island or not. Lastly it feels good to finally fit in, being a little ‘weird’ as I am, since now everyone else around me is a little different as well. I’ll quote my new Hawaiian friend: “We all searched high and low and nothing felt right. We were always sticking out like a sore thumb. We heard a call and we answered. We came here and were not the misfits anymore. Now we fit in just right into our surreal world of sunshine and water. We take care of each other and we party a lot. Off course we party a lot, we found home. That is always a good cause for celebration.”

Race Population % of Total
Total Population 154,834 100
White 53,336 34
Asian 44,595 28
Two or More Races 36,328 23
Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 16,051 10
Hispanic or Latino 15,710 10
Three or more races 12,233 7
Native Hawaiian 11,440 7
Some Other Race 3,051 1
Black or African American 870 Below 1%
American Indian 603 Below 1%

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