Spirituality trap


It’s interesting how human mind tends to distort everything, even spirituality. Sometimes that can be the greatest trap.

It starts with: I am spiritual and some people are not. Some ‘spiritual’ people even refer to those not on the same path as the ‘dead humans’. Then it evolves into degrees of spirituality: this person has just started, this one is somewhere toward the end, this one is the middle…

Then we suddenly can’t associate with humans and tend to stay away from them like plague. Humans eat meat, we are vegan. They are murderers, we are the peacekeepers. Humans watch TV, we read spiritual books. Humans don’t meditate, we do, that’s the only way. Humans don’t change, while we are ever-changing. Humans drink alcohol and sodas and tend to be addictive in nature. Spiritual people drink Kombucha, spring water and organic teas. Humans go to doctors, we go to healers. Humans go to Wal-Mart to get their food, we shop on organic markets or Wholefoods. Humans go to pharmacies, we go to health stores. Humans adorn themselves with mass production jewelry, we wear the kind that elevates our energy and is Earth friendly. They go to bars, we go for a hike.

Spiritual people preach of oneness, but sometimes forget the meaning of it. They teach of love as the only way, but forget to be loving. They have a need to be spiritual at all times and sometimes don’t see the teaching right in front of them, coming from a ‘dead human’. I’ll give you an example.

I was standing in a line the other day. The woman in front of me had a cute miniature Maltese dog.  A man in front of her looked very hippy, he had a self-help book in his hands, wore FiveFinger shoes and had a Kombucha bottle in his hand. He suddenly turned around.

“Oh, what a cute God’s little creature”, he said.

“I have seven. I rescued them all. This is my youngest, I call her Bella.”

“Not my kind of dog, but really cute. Cool that you are rescuing dogs and spreading love”, he responded.

“I do the best I can. We all have a part to play.”

He was petting Bella, while she sniffed a strange necklace he wore around his neck. “Oh right, that’s my totem, dogs can sniff that. They are so smart.”

The lady was silent.

“Man, there are people who don’t like animals. I think if you don’t like animals, you don’t like people”, he continued.

The lady just smiled and gently said: “Doesn’t really matter, whatever, right? As long as we are spreading love.”

He seemed very perplexed by her answer. Shrugged and turned back into the line.

There are teachers on every corner: human, animal, plant, mineral, ocean, volcano or the night sky. Whatever suits you, whatever resonates with you, it’s all out there.

It is important to grow and expand our being, though not at the expense of belittling anyone or anything. It’s great to follow a teaching and allow for others to follow theirs. If they don’t, that’s ok too. If we are as spiritual as we think, we will allow them to be whatever they wish, without judgment or comparison. And since we are so spiritual, we will spread that unconditional love by not searching for degrees of separation in anything, specially not in how, when or if we relate to a higher power. Someone wise pointed to a middle way once, maybe that was a good idea.

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