Of Birds and Humans


How often do we hear people say: “I need to just be.” Not often. It normally comes down to: “I need to do ….” It’s a never-ending list of things we need to do. The more we do, the more we need to do more. I am – is not enough any more.

It is understandable. We usually have to work, to make money, to pay for things. Not only the things we want, but also for bare necessities like food or a home.  We have been doing this for so long we have forgotten, there is a different way.

Just a few weeks ago, I was passing by a huge Banyan Tree a few minutes after New Year has arrived. The tree is very impressive, the biggest on the island: 60 ft. tall and covers 200 ft. area. It wasn’t the tree that had me stop in awe, it was the birds. A few minutes after New Year, the birds were wide awake singing a song. It was incredible, they all met at the Banyan Tree and sang the happiest song I heard in a long, long time. It was very touching and had many people stop and listen.

On the other hand, not so far from that enchanted tree, most humans gathered in a loud environment called a night club where they listened to very loud music, not all that great at all, drank and got drunk and probably woke up with a bad hangover the next morning.

Which of those two very different parties: the bird one or the human one seems more intelligent to you? Let’s look at it a little deeper.

Birds don’t own anything. So, loss as such, is not a burden to them. They live in agreement with life and only take what they need. If they do make a nest for the season, it is very likely they will abandon it and make a new one somewhere else next time. The nest they just labored to make is free for anyone and everyone else to use. They rely on the nature to provide for their food which they only have to gather, not make. Most of the time they fly for fun, sing or just are.

Humans own too many things, to the point of having to rent storage houses to keep their things in. They buy things and mostly buy to make themselves feel better. They don’t share that much, especially not houses. They usually buy their food as well. They tend to be too busy working to make money, to pay for things to even have time to grow their own food or make something themselves. Vegetables don’t grow well on concrete. They are lucky if they get to stop for a moment, usually to watch TV. When was the last time you were so happy you just had to sing?

I’m not saying we should live on trees, fly around and sing, though that doesn’t sound too bad to me at all. What if we worked less and shared more? What if owning wasn’t that important to us? What if we lived with nature and left our high rises? What if we had time to watch the sunset and sing just because we are happy? What if we could evolve back to being human beings and leave the human doing were it belongs, in the past?

I’m a dreamer, I know. That’s the point, someone has to dream the happy dream. The more of us do, the greater our chances for a big shift in consciousness away from things, bills, money, jobs, must haves, illness, unhappiness, depression… and back to the simple – I am. That should be more than enough.

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