Comments by David Wilcock (several of them) on Ben Fulford’s 3-2-15 article

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David_Wilcock_Search129David has been quite active this morning, and shares some fascinating (and uplifting) intel data he has received. So… hold on of the ride here… there’s a bunch of them.

PS: if you have (or are) cats, they may get very excited by this information!

“My own sources independently confirmed that Charles would never become King, and would be forced to abdicate to William, so I do have independent confirmation on that.

“100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years. There were many others the size of our Moon that came in between 1999 and 2001…

“The Cabal used an advanced weapon to fire on one of the Moon-sized ones in mid-December. The object lit up, becoming a bright red spot in the sky that people saw… and redirected the beam back to the base it came from…

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