Clairvoyant or just a friend

Clairvoyant or just a friend

I’ve been a clairvoyant, an empath and a seer my whole life. Most of the people around me never knew. How does one tell their friends and family that you have memory of where you came from and much, much more, that you feel and see things others can’t and that most things mainstream are simply false? You don’t. It just easier that way. That makes you a normal child, friend, colleague or whatever role one ends up playing for others. To make it easier on myself I would usually take one student at a time to guide to awakening or at least toward a more peaceful existence. They were mostly acquaintances, people that have been guided to intersect with me at the best time possible for both. I would be a part of their life for a short while, help them and move on. Until just recently, when my last student became my friend and that’s the tricky part.

About a year ago I met someone who was burning up with a desire to gain more knowledge about the true nature of reality, to know oneself on a deeper level and benefit from the insights I was able to channel for them. In six months they had their first awakening experience and have progressed immensely in the following months. I must say I was surprised how fast they were able to progress. That person was on the path of self discovery due to many previous issues, such as; drug abuse, addictions, obsessive behavior and other codependent tendencies, to name a few. Whatever issue one had is not something I address in my sessions. I was always guided to take ‘a clean slate’ approach, treat everyone with the same respect and dignity every human being deserves, just teach and give messages from the Universe when needed, asked for or appropriate. My approach worked very well, my student was doing great and it seemed I made a new friend. A win -win situation.

It didn’t take long before I realized my student/friend is calling me every day, sometimes even several times a day (including many texts daily) and can’t seem to make any kind of decision without consulting with me first, requesting me to do readings on every possible topic; their job, children, relationships, what to do next, why isn’t this working, why did this just happen and many more. I was going along with it, a friend is a friend and one should be there for them no matter what, I thought. Until every time my phone rang the only thing I could think of was: Oh, I hope it’s not them again. And so one morning, the usual morning call came to consult me on an ‘unwanted relationship’ issue. They have just sent a very angry, vengeful message to the pursuer and wanted to share that with me. I did a reading, the answer came, but was not what was expected. My student was guided to look at their actions and decide for themselves if that was the best course of action or was it simply an ‘ego trip’. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I got ‘the angry message’ and was asked not to give any more readings, but to just be a friend and that was where my lesson was hiding, in open daylight.

I forgot or disregarded the first rule my Universal guidance thought me a long time ago: clients are clients and friends are friends and when something doesn’t feel right anymore, stop it before it gets out of hand. Simple, but easily forgotten. The readings I was doing were no longer helpful, they became a crutch, I wasn’t helping anymore, I was enabling. I made a decision not to do any more readings for that person, but to take a few steps back and just try to be their friend. I realized I will be more helpful by allowing them to start relying on their own guidance and become responsible for their own actions. As always, the teaching and guidance worked both ways as we both learned valuable lessons from each other. Richard Bach was right: “You teach best what you most need to learn”.

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