History in plain sight, Croatia found peace


35000 years ago a small group of people called Illyrians, from the Star constellation of Lyra, were forced to leave their homeland of Lemuria and seek refuge across the seas, as the continent sunk in a great catastrophe that was since long forgotten.


They sailed the seas and stopped in India, traveled through the lands for hundreds of years, all the way to Punjab in the north. They tried to settle there, but they were not welcomed. The sad and lonely travelers picked up their belongings again and traveled west to Iran. How happy were they to find some of their Lemurian compatriots happily settled in the area, so they stayed.

Thousands of years later great unrest shattered their world and they were forced to keep traveling in search of their new home.


Thousands of years passed again before they finally settled one last time in the beautiful area surrounding the Adriatic Sea. Their happiness didn’t last long, they were continually harassed by every neighboring nation. Their identity stolen, their language and writing deliberately erased, so all memory of their magnificent home continent would forever be forgotten. They were mated with Slavs, given a new name, oppressed in every possible way, baptized by the Roman Catholics, their lands invaded numerous times even in the 20th century, but they did not give up.


In fact, their victory just become obvious and it was through perseverance, passion and strength that only comes from a heart of a nation that has finally balanced itself and said no to its oppressors of all kinds.

This tiny 4.2 million nation, the Lyrians or Illyrinas or Croats or Hrvati, has risen from the ashes of their home land mother Mu, remembered who they truly where and showed it to the whole world. For a moment they aligned with a higher purpose and lived from the heart, in spite of all programming pushed upon them.

They showed how a tiny nation that lost their home some many eons ago, has finally found peace and alignment, by first finding love in their hearts. They made history, they made a shift in consciousness that will forever change their DNA makeup and give them the lost treasure of knowing and respecting oneself. It is an example the other 7.6 billion of inhabitants of the same planet that originate from many, many different sources of the known Universe how it’s done: only from the heart, there is no other way.

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