The Croatan/Croaton Indians or “the lost tribe” in a different light

Much has been said and written about the Croatan tribe, all with much reserve and usually utter disregard for the fact, but going along the lines of “current beaten path” main stream thinking and ‘appropriateness’.  If that is what you are looking for here, don’t bother reading any further. However, if you are looking for an opinion that makes the most sense, keep reading.

I was really unaware of this whole issue until I spoke with a tribal elder, who also had a degree in anthropology and was very upset about how the tribe was portrait and as he said “the lies that were told” about the whole ordeal.So, I’m telling his story as he told it to me.

Back in the late 1500, a few British colonial ships sailed out for the new land. One of them carried white slaves (poorer than poor Europeans, including the Scottish, Irish, Spaniards and Croats.)  They were dropped off on Roanoke Island and put to work immediately. Each group received a specific task to complete and area to observe.  The British colonists left soon after, as usual, giving orders to everyone else about what to do. All those white slaves pretty much did as they were told, but the Croats.

Feisty as ever and used to being bullied around and having to fight for themselves, they said: Ma, jebite se vi…, and went their merry way. They started walking inland and north in search of a safe haven. They where friendly to the natives and quickly adapted to their ways and learned their tongues. The natives quickly accepted them too as they were entirely different from the superiority complex infected British and Spanish invaders. They soon found their place amongst the tribes of northern Carolina and accepted it as their new home.

The elder mentioned there was physical proof of the Croatan Indians origin (Croatia) engraved into the bark of trees along their habitats. He said they would engrave the word: ‘Croatians’ (the British have conveniently changed the ‘i’ into an ‘o’ in their reports). The natives have advised them to do so for their own safety, so the other tribes would not mistaken them for the British invaders and thus very intentionally harm them.

When the next British expedition came back, they determined that some of their white slaves have gone missing. It was, off course, entirely inappropriate for the British to admit they have allowed an entire group of white slaves to escape, so at first they made up a story of them missing due to perils of the territory (read: ‘the lack of love’ for the invaders on part of the native population). When the story spread, it took a somewhat mystical turn and they were deemed simply ‘lost’.

There’s overwhelming evidence to prove the elders story, I’m not going to go into it (others have done so already:, and in great detail). I suggest you look at the pictures and determine for yourself; if the Croatan tribe was native to the north American continent or the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

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